I’m a PhD student in Computer Science. I’ve been a grad student since September 2007. I completed my Masters before deciding to tackle a PhD.

I have been a teaching assistant (ran labs, marked assignments, answered questions) for three semesters (two in my first year, and this past semester) for three very different courses. The first course was a first year course, the second was a fourth year course and the third was a grad course.

This last course was a real eye-opener. Sure, teaching first years and getting crappy work handed was somewhat expected (although still highly disappointing and frustrating). But seeing how and what grad school students seem to think is acceptable was absolutely shocking. I learned a lot from that experience and wanted to pass on some of the wisdom (or at least insight) I’ve gained. Perhaps it can help other students from making the same mistakes.


One thought on “About

  1. Your blog is amazing. I just found it, and will probably read every entry now. I have loved every post Ive read so far, and alot of what you write is VERY helpful
    Thank you for publishing great material!

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