I’m a student, but not

I’ve decided that graduating (but not) puts you into this weird stage. At this point, I’m done all the requirements needed in order to graduate, and the online system tells me “graduation: expected.” But, I’m still a student, or at least sort of. I’m getting paid (yay) until the end of this month, so not broke yet. And I’ve still got my student benefits (bus pass and health/dental insurance). But, since I’m technically done, I feel like I shouldn’t be a student anymore.

This is also the time of year for student groups (like our computer science grad group) to run their elections for the upcoming year. Which means it’s one of (maybe) two times a year when there starts to be discussion about what this group should be doing and (to some degree) whether or not they have been succeeding and what the people running think should happen. I’m usually pretty involved in this, but this year it just feels wrong. I’m a student, but not.

So I keep debating back and forth whether or not to throw my 2c in or to just try and ignore it all. I won’t vote, but that’s more because I’m actually heading down to Silicon Valley today for an interview for our startup, and so will be out of town until the weekend (which coincides with the vote). But they’re also doing coordinating it with a meeting with the chair, and I have to say I’m disappointed to be missing that. I think that the opinions that those of us who have stuck around (and made it) are equally worth noting.

However, I also feel like our student group and the department have been having serious issues that people have only been half-heartily attempting to fix. And that’s been one of the reasons I’ve been wanting and needing to get out. So maybe it’s a good thing I’m not going to be there…


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