Searching for a middle ground

One of the hardest parts of the revisions so far, is that the committee isn’t always in agreement. And some of the changes one wants, don’t match up with changes another wants.

I’m lucky, in that my supervisor is the only one who has to do a final pass of it, as the others have already signed off. Because if they were all reading it again, there would be little to no chance that I would make the deadline next week (because of these conflicts). Instead, I’m busy searching for the middle ground, where I think I’ve attempted to acknowledge all comments/suggestions.

There’s also comments that I just don’t get. They’re usually of the style “This needs to be explained” where, in my opinion, the following sentence does exactly that. These I usually end up hemming and hawing over for a while, before leaving as is.

I have finally got a new draft off to my supervisor. Although it’s still missing the additional related work request (I’m busy reading more papers right now). And I need to re-think the preface and finally make a dedication and acknowledgement page. But, I’m still hopeful that it’ll all get in on time. If it all works out, a week today and I will have no more PhD requirements on my plate (although likely still some work on papers for publication).


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