Revisions, Revisions, Revisions

So many revisions. I’m making progress, although it doesn’t always feel that way. And this week is rushing by so fast. So much to do, no where near enough time.

And, of course, because there’s so much to do, it’s hard staying focused on the task at hand and using my time as wisely as I should. I do have some goals (one that I had hoped to finish yesterday, but has been pushed to this morning). I want to get start getting chapters off to my supervisor asap, so that he can start reading them while I focus on other corrections/changes.

I’m getting to the point of the “big” changes that are needed (reworking three chapters that will likely require completely reorganizing the content). But I’m hoping that I’ll finally be able to focus enough and just hammer through a lot of it. I’ve got some more related work also waiting to be read, and that always ends up taking a lot of time just because reading papers is never fast and it’s never clear from the start which ones will pay off.

Oh well, I’m still optimistic that I can get everything in for the deadline. It’s just going to be a lot of busy days leading up to it.


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