As if I didn’t have enough challenges

Apparently I didn’t find life challenging enough and needed to add an extra complication. On Friday evening, I attempted to cut a squash in half and ended up cutting my finger instead. Not so badly that I cut a part off (explaining injuries often feels like a game of telephone tag), but bad enough to need stitches.

On the plus side, I live in Canada with decent health care. The entire ordeal has cost me about $20. Also, if you go to a walk-in clinic and say you’ve been bleeding for over 20 minutes, you get to skip the line and go straight back for help. It still took over an hour from walking in to leaving. But that included them looking at it, freezing it, cleaning it, stitching it, and giving me a tetanus shot (which means hanging around for 15 minutes to make sure I didn’t have a bad reaction).

The crappy thing, is that I have to keep the finger clean and dry and bandaged until I get the stitches removed (10 days – so next Monday). And it’s my left ring finger – which makes typing difficult (sits on the ‘s’), and means I can barely use my left hand (bumping the finger against anything is painful). Not being able to type normally makes coding difficult.

I can’t wait until it’s healed.


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