Papers submitted

The list of tasks to be done in order to graduate keeps getting smaller, which is very exciting. The three papers that I feel like I’ve been trying to get submitted forever, are all in. And now it’s just the normal “wait and see” period to find out whether or not any of them get accepted.

I won’t hear back about any of them before my defense, so in one sense, it doesn’t matter. However, I would really like to have the three of them accepted, so that I can feel like the majority of my work did end up getting published and was at least sort of worth while. And I say that because I don’t expect to do any more research in this area, and so if it at least gets published, and someone else decides to do so at some point, my research is out there for them to cite and build off of.

I did manage to edit and submit my CV earlier this week. Which always feels kind of odd. But it’s done. However, I have been slacking on the seminar work, so I need to get back to that today and push forward. It’s starting to feel real and scary – but I think that’s a good thing. And soon enough it’ll be done.


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