Survived February

I was going to post last Friday, but the day disappeared on me, and I was just too wiped out to have anything worth saying. However, today is a new week, the beginning of a new month (okay, one day in) and time to get back on track after falling off of everything in February.

We survived our two experiences at the teachers’ conventions, and got a good amount of initial exposure for our product. We’re also seeing a trickle of sales starting, so hopefully March will continue that and things will come together. We also managed to get all three applications that were due between last Wednesday and yesterday in (and on time). They may not be the best, but they were reasonable and we’re happy enough with them. We’ll just see if anything happens. At this point, I don’t think it actually matters one way or the other, because we’re committed to moving forward.

However, now that it’s March, and the craziness of February is behind me, it’s time to PANIC! Why? Because I defend in less than 3 weeks! Wow is time going by quickly. We still have to get those two papers submitted (they’re so close now). I also need to make my hour presentation (and a short 20 minute version in case my external can’t make it). And should probably revisit my thesis at some point (although I really don’t want to). I have to update my CV (as apparently this is part of what they discuss when evaluating me), and get that handed off.

Should any of the applications we’ve submitted work out, there could be more frantic business plan writing and/or pitching this month. And we agreed back in January to do two talks about our experience with our Startup to a couple of classes, and those are coming up soon (one the day before my defense). And after my defense, assuming all goes well (knock on wood), I’ll have to quickly make any required changes and to get it submitted on time.

It’s so weird to think that by the end of this month I might not be a student anymore… Yikes!


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