One task at a time

This is another crazy week – and it’s all startup stuff.

We have three business plan competitions that we’re looking at entering, due Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. We’ve got a huge meeting planned for Tuesday as we need to plan out ASAP what our plans our for the fall and then get started, as time is quickly disappearing. We’ve got a second teacher’s convention to attend, which pretty much kills Thursday and Friday, and part of Wednesday which is devoted to setup.

On top of that, as I’m running out of time before my defense, we’ve got to get these journal papers finalized and submitted. And I’ve just received an email with the latest edits that I need to find time to go over. Yikes. So much to do. And of course, as always, all I want to do in this case is read a book and take a nap.

I can’t wait for Saturday.


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