Sometimes you just want to rant

It’s been one of those days. Really, two of those days, as yesterday felt like this too. And both days I had meetings I couldn’t skip, even though I was in a terrible mood and really shouldn’t have been interacting with people (sorry felllow meeting members).

But, today I also had a chance to vent to a friend. But it ended up being one of those venting sessions. You know the kind, where you want to vent, but your friend doesn’t seem to have got the memo? And so as you are trying to vent and just rant about what’s going on, and all you want in return is for someone to smile along with you and nod. But, instead, you get someone telling you that you’re wrong, and you’re just overreacting, and that probably/maybe/possibly the real thing that was going on was x even though it’s felt like y. And all you’re thinking inside is “can’t you tell I’m having a crappy day and this isn’t making me feel better?”

And I know this friend meant well (they always do). But ahhhh. Not. Helpful.

Anyway, this post is super late because of the crappy day and just feeling crappy about everything. Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood for Friday. I get to build my robot then… that should cheer me up. 🙂


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