Defense Date and Sales

Well, it’s been an exciting (crazy) couple of days, and I’m sure today will continue the trend.

First, I officially have a defense date. That’s both exciting and terrifying. And it’s only about 5 weeks away. Which means yikes – I need to start thinking about/preparing my final seminar and re-reading and then re-reading again (and again) my thesis and a bunch of the related work in preparation.

We’re half way through the convention right now and have already had some sales (okay, only two, but that was two more than we were expecting). They sat down right at the booth and bought it! We’ve also seen a fair amount of interest from people, so hopefully that will turn into some sales over the next couple of weeks. A few people thought it was quite expensive, but most seemed to think it was very reasonably priced. So at least we’re getting some direct market feedback from them. And we can talk about/reconsider the price for the coming fall.

The timing is only slightly unfortunate, in that we’re entering a few more business plan competitions and the deadline is about a week and a half away, which doesn’t leave much time to know the real fallout of the conventions (one happens after the deadline) so we can include that information. But, either way it’s been a good experience so far, and I have no reason to believe today will be any different. And please knock on some wood for me, so that I won’t have just jinxed it.


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