Late nights = Grumpiness

We’ve been pulling some very long hours on our startup for the last few Sundays, as each day we try to get a big push out, and end up with something deciding to stop working. One day it was Heroku that went down for 30 minutes right as we were finishing up. Another day we ended up with some bugs we didn’t catch beforehand and scrambled to fix them so the site would be okay for users the next morning.

I’ve always known that I’m not a night person. And that I’m much better at getting up and going first thing, then staying up late. And most of these Sundays have gone late. Yesterday was until about 12:30 for me, and well after 1 for some of the others. That might not seem super late, but you have to consider that we started by 11am. So it was a very long day.

I’m also realizing that I do not do well with these hours. Because by the end of it I’m just grumpy. And I don’t care if the site is broken. I just want sleep. My tolerance level for anything drops off a cliff. And I think that it’s a good thing we’re in different places because I might just throttle someone/something.

I sometimes envy people who stay up late and seem to get lots done during those hours. But, I suppose they likely envy me sometimes for being able to get going first thing. And we all need to learn to play to our strengths (which is not really long hours and late nights for me).

For example, when I got up this morning (after too little sleep, but my internal alarm clock didn’t care), I was able to sit down and solve a couple of issues that didn’t get sorted out last night (and that I probably wouldn’t have had the energy/mental power to solve back then). And I didn’t feel grumpy while doing so. 🙂


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