Feeling grateful

So, even though I can still hear the clock ticking away (and really hear it if I’m at home at my desk, where there’s a clock that actually ticks), I know I should (and am) feel grateful.

There are a lot of my friends who are/were pushing to get done by the early April deadline. And right now, it appears I might be one of the only ones to make it. So I’m feeling grateful to my supervisor, who managed to pull through and push to get my dissertation edited and out.

There’s still a chance that I won’t make the deadline. We might not be able to find a date/time that works before it. It could end up that I get slammed with revisions and there just isn’t enough time to do them before the submission deadline. If I defend mid-March (which is the aim right now), that only gives me about 2 weeks to finalize everything and get it stamped okay.

But, at least right now, there’s a chance that things will work out. And I’ll try to ignore the ticking of the clock, and focus on things I have control over (like crossing off tasks on my startup to do list).


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