There’s always “just one more feature”

One thing our startup has continually struggled with, is nailing down the initial set of features. There have been many points where we’ve said “that’s it, that’s all of them, everything else will have to wait.” And then someone will make a comment or suggestion and we’ll all pause and then go “oh, yeah, that…” And before you know it, there’s another 1, 2, 3 features waiting to be implemented.

It’s really hard to say “no” when it’s a really good idea. And something it feels like you’re sorely lacking if you don’t have. Some features, especially the bigger ones (like redesigning the whole site) are easier to say “no” to, because you know the amount of time involved will be massive. But others feel like they’re probably only a few hours of work, and so how can you deny it? But a few hours of work a) never ends up being only a few hours, and b) adds up really quickly.

We’re moving very quickly towards our full launch date. In fact, we should be doing final tests right now. But we’re not. And there’s multiple reasons for that. Some have to do with new features. Some have to do with less people and people hours to do the work. And some have to do with existing problems that are just that much harder to solve than you expected. We’ve still made a ton of progress this month. And we’re definitely still moving forward. But this is crunch time, because we must be fully launched before we hit a couple of events in February.

I feel like getting the dissertation off my plate should’ve cleared up a lot of time. And I guess it theoretically did. But, I’ve also been feeling absolutely drained this week, and so haven’t been able to focus/do as much as I normally would/could (thus the very late blog post). I know the backing off a bit is needed, but it still weighs on me. Hopefully the last couple of days of the week will change.


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