Final crunch

I knew January was going to be crazy busy, and as we approach the end of the month this is just becoming more true. I already felt like I was in a bit of a crunch with trying to finish the dissertation and get the startup ready for full launch.

However, things have become even busier. I finished a complete draft of my dissertation on Tuesday. On Wednesday, my supervisor announced he wanted to get it out to the internal committee (we have an external – yay) by Friday (today). Then he slightly reconsidered as he realized he still had 1.5 chapters to read (he was in the middle of the related work and also had the conclusion to go through). But, he only moved the `deadline’ to Monday or very early next week. He did give me back the rest of his first pass of corrections on Wednesday, and I went through them and added some stuff that night. It’s now Friday, and I’m waiting for the next pass to go through. This ‘deadline’ just means pretty much dropping everything else each time new corrections show up in my inbox.

On the other hand, we did a gigantic push and update to our site last Sunday. Which was good. Except there seems to be a combination of a) more people using it every day (good) and b) finding more issues. Specifically, we’ve had a lot of high response time messages popping up. And even some timeouts (which are bad – that’s when you get the message that the website can’t load). And so we need to fix this asap (everything is asap, isn’t it). We’ve been working (sort of) on a fix for a couple of months now, but it’s been really slow going. And we need to just solve it now, and get it up. Because we can’t be expected to always be in a position to restart part of the site if something goes wrong. And we’re gearing up for exposure to a ton of customers, and if they (hopefully) start to buy it/use it, then we’re going to have a much higher user load and these problems will just get worse.

February 1st is looming in the distance. But I still have hope that we’ll get both the dissertation done and solve these site issues.


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