One to go…

Progress is being made. I have been waking up ridiculously early this week and often just getting up and getting started. Such as today, where I started my first pomodoro of writing at 6:35 am. Yeah. I don’t want to be getting up this early, but sometimes it’s just not possible to convince my body to go back to sleep. I actually woke up before 6.

Anyway, it has already been a productive morning, as I did two pomodoros and finished off my related work chapter. I’m still a bit mixed on it overall, but I think it probably needs a different pair of eyes to look at it and maybe figure out what’s missing or what should’ve been just left out.

I sometimes feel like I’m stretching when I include papers. But, I’ve had some of my committee members tell me before that I don’t have enough references. Personally, I hate this concept of their being a “right number” of references. Because it assumes that there is some minimum number of works that make sense to cite in all areas. Which is just not true. We have not seen anyone doing specifically what I’m doing. So all the papers I’m citing it’s because they do something that overall contains at least one overlapping feature. I’m now over 70 (wow) citations. But, I also have to confess that around 20 of those are not academic (for example one points to a board game). Still… I do feel quite proud of that number.

Assuming there aren’t major changes to be done, I’m down to writing my conclusion now. Which I think shouldn’t take too long. I’ve already written down a few thoughts on future work (that I hope to never do, but maybe someone will) and will revisit the list of contributions that I originally laid on in the introduction. I don’t think I’ll have time to work on it until Monday.

Either way, having emailed off that draft felt good. Time to switch gears and do some startup work.


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