Where to write?

I’ve been really struggling since I got home to write. I just can’t seem to focus, even though I know it’s essential that I get these final two chapters done asap (and that the related one is going to take some serious effort and time, since it’ll require reading some more papers).

I keep thinking back to working in the library over the holidays and how productive I ended up being during those times. And I need to recapture that energy/atmosphere. And I’m also starting to think that writing in my apartment is just not going to work right now.

I have meetings on campus this morning, which means writing isn’t going to happen this morning. But the afternoon is wide open. And I think it’s time to to explore the libraries near me. I haven’t quite decided if I want to try the university libraries or aim for the public ones. But I think sitting down in a quiet atmosphere where I can’t just surf the internet, watch Netflix or sleep will be helpful. I’ve given myself a big goal today on how much time I need to spend writing. I hope it works out.


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