I think I may actually graduate

So I had my meeting with my supervisor on Wednesday and I think I will actually graduate. The June convocation is still slightly iffy (but we’re going to aim for it). And my supervisor wants me done by the end of April, either way.

It does mean I’ve got to get the writing going asap. Because my supervisor can only edit once I get the writing too him. And the sooner it’s edited the sooner we get it out to the committee, and the sooner the possible defense (ah) date can happen. I feel both relieved and greatly panicked over all of this. Hopefully the panicking feeling will fade.

We talked about options for my external and narrowed it down to a couple of names. Which also means I need to finally write an abstract, so we can ask if the person would be willing (and give them something to look at to decide from).

The other big part of the conversation was about job hunting. He wants me to start spending half a day a week searching. Looking at post-docs, teaching/professor jobs at colleges or small universities, and industry. I’m still leaning towards just focusing on the startup. His point was that if I may want an academic career, empty periods of time where I’m not doing anything don’t look good. And so it’s better to start applying and having options.

I hate having to think about what’s next. Even thinking about the startup makes me so nervous. Too many big decisions that will need to be made. My lease is up at the end of July, so I’ll have to figure out if I’m staying here or moving (and if so where). And my income will be up at the end of April, so I’ll have to figure out how I’m going to pay for the next few months. Yikes. Why in life does it always feel like the big decisions come in groups, and never just one at a time where you feel like you have enough time and energy to think it through?


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