Has it really only been a few days?

I got back late Sunday afternoon. And it feels like a week has gone by. Yesterday, I kept thinking how I haven’t had enough time to write. Or enough time to code. Or enough time to <fill in the blank>. And then I’d pause and be like, wait a second, I’ve really only had 2 days to do stuff. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself (but, of course, I am).

It has been a very jam packed few days with lots of discussion happening and errands done. So it’s not that stuff hasn’t been getting done, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. And then add in being absolutely exhausted (both from my trip and everything now that I’m back) I end up too tired to work by late evening (I’m also not a night person).

I meet with my supervisor today. And I know it’s not the end of the world that I haven’t finished my last two chapters, but I’m also really disappointed about that. It was my goal to have a completely draft of my thesis for this meeting, and I don’t.

I feel like I should’ve found more time to work over the holidays. And on one hand, yes, I could’ve found more time. But on the other, I spent an average of 4 hours in the library every time I went working. And I went 8 of the 14 days I was there. It was closed for 3 of those days (Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years Day), I went to Victoria for another day, I didn’t go the day before my sister and her family left because I spent it with them, or the next day (my last day), because I was just too exhausted that day to do anything). But that’s a solid 32 hours of work while on vacation.

The main takeaway from my vacation (in terms of working) for me has been that I should try to find a similar environment here. Working at the library ended up being quite productive. And I think part of that had to do with the constraints both time (you can only work until it closes/dinner time) and location (you won’t be able to get any work done when back home). At home it can feel too easy to end up moving to your bed for a nap.

I also know, for sure, that each time I work, I need to pick a topic (thesis or startup) because it is way too hard to try and switch between them. Too much information needs to be in your head for each one and the context switching just takes too much time. This morning is to be dedicated to writing, since I have my meeting. And this afternoon I hope to get around to startup stuff. Unless the writing motivation kicks in fully, in which case I’ll continue on that (can’t afford to ignore it).


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