Back to the real world

Well, it’s time to get back into the normal groove of things. Or a new groove. I haven’t quite decided. But more importantly, it’s back to the real world. I had definitely gotten use to having meals appear on the table – meals that include more than a single item and that are excellent. I got back yesterday and dinner and breakfast have both been cereal (partly because I need to go grocery shopping and am trying to wait until tomorrow for the discount).

I also came back to terrible weather. Although pretty much all of Canada is having a deep freeze right now and crappy weather, so that’s not too surprising. The weather the day I left wasn’t very nice either.

I couldn’t believe how silent my apartment was last night. It was glorious. I had become use to the sounds of people talking and moving about. It was a welcome relief to just have silence. But I was also exhausted and unable to power through what I had hoped to do last night. So instead I’m working on it this morning.

I didn’t manage to get through my final two chapters yet. I don’t expect I’ll manage to get both done for my meeting with my supervisor this week, but I’m going to work hard on the related work one, to get it started. And my supervisor has actually read and edited most of the chapters I’ve sent him! At this point, he’s behind by one chapter (the one that is also a paper), for a total of 3 chapters left (2 of which aren’t written). I hope I’ll have some good news about my chances of finishing this semester later this week. I’ll let you guys know either way.

I’d already planned today to be a startup day, and so that’s still the plan. We have a lot to get done that we were originally hoping to finish for today (and we’re not there yet). So I’m hoping I can plow through a lot of it today. But we’ll see. I know I also need to be careful to try not to raise my stress levels too fast. I need to figure out how to have more of a balanced approach to everything.


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