Dissertation Update

Well, I’ve made my good goal. I got three more chapters “done” and have three left to do. The done is in quotes because they still need to be edited, and one is missing some figures (the xbox does not have screen capture, sigh).

That leaves me with three more to do over the break. And a ton of startup stuff. I ended up focusing more on the startup the last couple of days, as I broke down one of our big tasks for the holiday and realized just how much work is staring at us. Yikes.

I’m now starting to think I might want to approach my holiday such that I spend half the day working and half the day not allowed to think about work. So either go to the library (assuming it works out as a good place to work) in the morning or in the afternoon) and then spend the rest of the time trying to relax and have fun (I really wish I was looking forward to this trip – I’m not).

If I’m going to finish in time for June convocation, January is going to to be one crazy month with all the constant editing of the dissertation. On top of that, it’s our final month to hammer out as much as possible on the startup before the “big” launch. These deadlines were not planned well. I’ve already realized that I have something on my calendar every day for the first 6 days that I’m back! Yikes.

So, the goal of the break is to come back a bit more relaxed and ready to power through January. And I know one of the key pieces for that, will be to have made a sizable dent into the tasks still staring at me, because this list isn’t going to get any shorter on its own.


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