I am not a night hawk

Every time I have to stay up late (which for me is usually any time after 11pm), it just confirms what I already know. I’m not a night hawk. I’m not designed to stay up late. And damn it, my body will still insist on waking me early the next morning.

Last night (this morning), I was up until 2:30, getting a big update out to our startup site. And then testing it. Then fixing a few errors. And so on. And let me just say, 2:30 is not a friendly time of day. In fact, at that time of day, everything I am gets magnetized, bigger and bigger. Good for some traits, bad for others. I’m more judgmental then usual. I’m also more focused, when it comes to solving an issue (one track mind). I felt for my teammates, who were having to deal with me at this point, but we made it through.

My body technically, let me sleep in. Instead of waking up before six (which has been unfortunately normal as late), I was asleep until almost 7:30! No where near enough sleep, but wide awake and up. And lots to do today, as usual.

I don’t understand people who pull all-nighters. I think I did that maybe twice during my undergrad (and was then totally unable to attend classes the next day, so not usually the best decision). I quickly became the person who would decide that if I got to a point where getting something done meant staying up all-night, I’d rather take the hit on my grade and get some sleep. I also think this is why assignments should never be due early in the morning (it encourages bad behaviour). If they’re due by midnight, then there’s not as big a reason for people to stay up all night, and sleep is super important if you want to be able to think.

I did use to envy people who could stay up late. But I’ve actually grown fond of being able to be up and productive in the morning, because it usually sets the tone for the rest of the day and makes me feel good. But there’s that extra layer of difficulty when you’re trying to do all of that and still exhausted. I’m hoping for an early night, but there’s also a big task we ran out of time for last night, that I want to get done. So possibly/probably, another late night looms ahead.


2 thoughts on “I am not a night hawk

    • Yep. I love when I’m productive in the morning. Because then the rest of the day feels so much less stressful. Maybe I get some more work done, maybe I don’t. But it doesn’t matter, because I’ve already done stuff. šŸ™‚

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