Dissertation – 3 done too many to go

I’ve managed to do some writing this week. Mainly because I’ve been making it my number one priority and the “frog” that I need to eat first every morning (Did you eat a frog today?).

I had decided way back that I really wanted a first draft of my dissertation to be done by Christmas. Well, I’m rapidly running out of time, which means I really need to get focused and start cranking out chapters. The outline consists of 10 (yes, 10!) chapters. So far, I’ve completed first drafts of the 1st, 3rd, and 4th and am working on the 5th. Yes, I purposely skipped the second, as that’s the related work one, and the one that will be the hardest to write. I have less than 7 weeks until Christmas break and 7 chapters to go.

I broke out the pomodoro timer again for writing. I don’t know why, but I find it particularly useful when it comes to writing, to help me sit down and focus for a minimum of 25 minutes. And so I’m aiming for at least one a day – not a huge goal, but more than nothing. And, thankfully, for a few of these chapters, I already have lots pre-written (from earlier work on my dissertation and conference papers). So writing chapter 5, for example, is more about editing it into a more dissertation friendly and cohesive format.

I just may be able to pull off my Dec 20th deadline after all. And even if I don’t, at least I’m on the path of making progress, which is more than I could say a week or two ago.


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