Oh X-Box…

I was excited last week when things seemed to be coming together. I had visions of finishing off my experiment. That I would actually manage to finish creating and running it this semester!

And then, the x-box had to trip me up, again. Now that I can make the animations that I want/need, it was time to take some videos of the results so I could show my supervisor. Surprisingly, the x-box has actually made this process incredibly simple (minus the yelling at the x-box because everything seems to be done by voice commands). Of course, then I went to upload the videos. I tried the upload studio and got an error. I tried YouTube and got an error (and I tried multiple accounts).

In all my searching for a solution, all I’ve found is other people with the same problem. And the (normal) suggestion to try a hard reset (done with no success). So last week, I spent an entire morning trying to do something that should be ridiculously simple, only to fail miserably at it. And so after having to tell my supervisor that I wasn’t able to do so (yet) that I would have it done for this week. Of course, the problem has yet to resolve itself (and I’m not sure what I can do to fix it). I’ve got until Wednesday morning to hopefully find a solution, as the goal was to have a video (or two) to show at my group meeting.

So please cross your fingers and hope that my x-box will magically start to work again. Or it’s going to be a looong week.


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