Fall Goals

I’ve spent some time thinking about my goals for this fall. But I’ve been so worried about the startup and what’s going on there, that it’s been hard to think through them clearly, because what ends up happening with the startup will end up highly influencing my ability to do the rest of my goals. However, I know that there is some stuff that I just need to make a priority no matter what. And I’m hoping that by writing them down and sharing them, it’ll help give me the strength and motivation to follow through on them.

  1. Finish my dissertation. I would really like to have a completed first draft done by Christmas break. I’m not saying it needs to be submitted to my committee and the defense date needs to be set. Just that there is a complete draft, so at the most I’m working through edits.
  2. Run my experiment. I have submitted my ethics form and requested participant hours. However, I still haven’t actually finished creating the experiment because I keep running into some issues. I have one more avenue to explore before I give up hope on our initial plan. I have a meeting with my supervisor this week to discuss what how we’ll modify the experiment, assuming this last test doesn’t work (and I have little hope it will). Once my experiment is run (hopefully by early October), I will need to analyze the results (and have my fingers crossed) and then add a write up to my dissertation. But this should be the last major hurdle in being able to complete my dissertation.
  3. Submit paper to journal. I have two papers that need to be/should be submitted to a journal. One has a completed draft and is waiting for the next author (in this case my supervisor) to edit it. It’ll likely go through a couple more rounds before getting submitted. The second I haven’t had a chance to sit down and even start to convert it to the journal format. By Christmas, I’d like to have at least submitted one of them (two would be great, but not required).
  4. Exercise. I’ve been getting better at going to the gym, but I haven’t been climbing or riding my bike. I have been walking home from campus more. I use to track what exercise I did (just in an excel sheet) which would give me a quick overview of whether or not I had been active over the month (for example: 30 days and only 10 entries = not active). With my stress levels and current mental health status (based on my own observations) exercise is crucial to prevent this from becoming a huge issue. And it’s ‘me’ time where I really can’t be working on other stuff.
  5. Startup. At this point, my only goal with the startup is to see it not die before Christmas. However, with some of our current issues, this is going to require some serious sit down discussions as we revise how we’re approaching it and figure out how we can possibly proceed with out ending up hating each other. (I totally understand now why they tell you not to go into business with friends.)

Some of the goals above are a bit more nebulous than others. But I plan on revisiting them periodically over the semester so that I check in on how I’m doing and can change how I’m approaching them (or add/remove) as needed. Wish me luck.


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