Back home

Which means back to the grind (although I don’t really feel like I left it behind). I’ve got a big to-do list staring at me, and no motivation to do any of it. This cold just won’t go away and had been moving more and more into my head and so it feels all foggy today.

And I really miss waking up to my mom making an omelet or fried egg or something else for breakfast and sitting down to a dinner that consists of more than one dish, lots of vegetables and pretty much everything is homemade. My sister is pretty awesome, she greeted me at the airport with veggies from the farmer’s market and bread from the good bakery near her place, so at least I didn’t have to stop to get much (still needed milk). And my friend who was checking on my place left me a welcome home message, held by my giant stuffed panda. 🙂 So at least there was a nice ‘homecoming.’

Today I’m going to attempt to do research work for the morning before diving back into startup work this afternoon. I just keep reminding myself that the to-do list will only get shorter if I actually start to do stuff from it (especially since I seem to constantly add to it). Two weeks until September. Yikes.


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