The Beach :)

I’ve decided I’m going to try to share a few photos for my three posts this week of my vacation. Proof that I’m not just slaving away at my computer. 🙂

First up, are pictures from my first visit to the beach. I found the water a bit cold, although I did wade in just over my knees (I didn’t bring a swim suit, but hoping to go buy one).

The view.

We were there at high tide. These rocks are only covered during high tide. It’s about knee deep here. The beach area we were at is a mix of sand and rocks. If I had taken the picture about 25 meters to the right it would’ve been just sand.

Look how clear the water is!

This chunk of a tree was like an optical illusion. It looked very much like a rock, until you saw it bouncing gently with the waves.

It may look like a rock, but it’s actually a chunk of a tree.

It was very peaceful watching the water, or just staring down at the sand/rocks underneath. We’re hoping to get back there for low tide and see how far out we can walk.



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