Vacation Time

I’m excited. I’m heading off to visit my parents for the next week at their new home on Vancouver Island. And, anyone who knows Vancouver Island knows it’s awesome. It’s also full of small cities/towns, with the largest (and not where I’m going) being Victoria. Part of what I’m looking forward to is just getting out of here right now, and being somewhere where everything just feels slower and smaller and not stressful.

I have places I want to visit (like Coombs with the goats on the roof). I want to sit on the beach and just stare at the ocean. I want to go for a walk and see some waterfalls. I want to finally get myself outside for a run. And eat home cooked meals. And pick blackberries and then make a blackberry pie.

I also want to finally start working on my dissertation again. There’s not much I can do with my experiment (except finish the ethics application), but I can’t actually develop it while I’m out there, since I won’t have the hardware I need (and I don’t feel like lugging it out there). I know I have startup things to do. But I’m hoping to find some time to start writing again. I still have no motivation to work on chapter two (related work) so I might just jump ahead for a bit and try to bring over everything I have written for the later chapters (from when I was working on it last year) and see how much of that I can edit.

I’m really hoping the change of scenery, being with my parents and seeing relatives, will help me de-stress for a bit. I definitely need to find a way to come back with less tension in my shoulders. I will try to post next week. And I’ll include pictures if I get out to see the goats. 🙂


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