How do you find balance?

I’ve always struggled with finding balance. I generally seem to end up too focused on a single point – whether it’s research, or now the startup, or something else going on in my life. I know this isn’t entirely helpful or healthy to do, but I’ve never been good at fixing it.

Right now, I’m struggling to move away from only focusing on the startup to finding time to work on the startup, work on my research, get some exercise and somehow have a life. I have spurts where I manage to do something else, but I don’t think it at all qualifies (in any sense) as balance.

I feel like learning how to balance my life, is going to require initially exerting more control over what I do. Instead of working on what I feel like, when I feel like it, I need to start forcing myself to switch to other tasks that also need to get done. Or forcing myself to stop working, and get outside/interact with people. Or even just clean my place up again.

I’ve tried the scheduling things on a calendar before, but I haven’t found that I’m any good at actually sticking to it. I find if I don’t have to be somewhere specific or have to meet with other people, my calendar doesn’t exert any influence over what I do. The plan I had for July (with the boxes to check off) got derailed so quickly (although I did manage to almost complete the exercise category – 10 of 12).

So, I want to ask for some help. How do you manage to balance your life? Do you use an app? Or write things down? Or schedule them somehow? Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “How do you find balance?

  1. 9 credits away from finishing my M.Ed I have no balance, no discipline, and I procrastinate to the very last second sometimes asking for extensions to procrastinate longer . If you figure something out let me know ….

      • Well I wish you luck. Sometimes it feels like the only solution is to give up on balance until the next phase has passed. My main problem with this, has been that once a phase is over, I’m already into another one that feels just as stressful and busy. Which is why I’m trying (mostly fruitlessly) to figure out how to find some *real* balance.

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