I did some research!

Yesterday, I finally managed to pull out my research and do a little. I’ve been thinking about my experiment a lot and I know I need to get going on it again, and not just leave it until September. As usual, experiments take a lot of time. I still haven’t finished creating the experiment, which ends up only being a small piece of the whole puzzle. I also have to fill out the ethics form (and get ethics approval), request (and hopefully receive) hours from the psychology research pool (so I actually have participants), run the experiment and finally analyze the data.

If I also want to finish sometime soonish, then I need this to start coming together so I can run the experiment in September and analyze the data right away. Until the data is analyzed, I won’t be able to finish writing up my dissertation (not that I’ve been working on it). So yesterday I opened up a new ethics application and started filling it out. I’m about 80% done on it. I need to go through a bunch of the documents I need to upload (I reuse/revise them from my previous experiments) and then it’ll be finished. It’s always a bit of a gamble how long it will take to get ethics approval. It can sometimes be reviewed within days and other times weeks. So the sooner the better.

Once I’ve submitted for ethics approval, I can then request the hours from psychology. And then I will just need to actually finish creating the experiment. This is going to be a bit of a struggle, as I’m actually going away for a ‘vacation’ at the end of the week, and will be gone all next week (although I’ll still be doing work). But, I won’t have access to the equipment I need to develop the experiment, so I’m hoping to find some time this week to do a big push and possibly finish it off. Or at least get a lot closer.

It actually felt kind of good to work on it yesterday. So hopefully that feeling will persist this week and I’ll be able to make some real progress. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll start to feel like I’m getting my life back under control.


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