I signed a year lease, again

My lease runs from August through July each year. The building I’m in (which surprisingly is the same one I’ve been in since I first moved here to go to grad school), only does year leases. Which means I’m locked in for another year. Of course, by locked in, it just means I’m going to lose some money if I end up needing to break it and get out early. I’m not concerned about them finding someone else to rent my spot (this building generally has a zero vacancy rate and a waiting list).

However, this year, as I signed, I realized it was the first year (since going into the second year of my Master’s and being optimistic that it wouldn’t take the whole second year) that I don’t know where my money will be coming from for the entire lease. I know I’ve got potential funding up through April (unless I finish earlier). And I really hope that I’m not going to be a student after April. But that means by next May, June and July I have no scheduled income. And I’ll still have my rent, bills and food to pay for. And yikes!

While I’m slightly hopeful that our startup will eventually take off, I’m not hopeful enough that we’ll have money to pay ourselves by May. Not unless stuff starts taking off way more than we’re expecting. And we magically figure out how to do successful marketing. I suppose we can dream…

I have some savings, but lots of that will be eaten up paying for tuition again. And stuff must be getting more expensive, because it feels harder to save any money each year and my spending habits really haven’t changed much. I thought as I got older all this money stuff was suppose to be getting easier, because I should be making more per year. This should be another reason to graduate, so I can be paid well. The problem being that with the startup, it doesn’t look like that transition is going to happen right away.

Anyway, all the more reason to be packing a lunch today so I don’t have to buy one.


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