Where does time go?

I feel like I’ve been managing a good pace all week. And that my slow and steady method has been paying off, as I’ve been continually checking off small tasks every day. But, when I look at the amount of time I record as work, I wonder where the day is actually going. I’ve been averaging just over 4.5 hours of work a day.

I know I’ve done other things this week. I went climbing, did laundry, got groceries, and met my sister for lunch. But even that list is not all that impressive, when you realize from Monday to Thursday is 96 hours, and I’ve spent ~18.25 of them working or about 20%. Now sleep counts for probably another quarter, but that still leaves 55% of my day.

Whenever I look at my time tracking in these terms, it always makes me want to start tracking (just for a few days) what I do every single minute. RescueTime of course gives me some information, but it doesn’t record that I read a book or made lunch or went climbing. I imagine it’d be enlightening to see where my time goes, and how much of it is truly “wasted.”

Of course, I rarely feel like I’m on the same “schedule” day to day, and my current main distraction changes from week to week, so I’m not sure how much generalization I could do. And it probably shouldn’t require a ton of time. Just noting every time you switch between specific tasks. Like:

  • 7:45 – made breakfast
  • 7:51 – sat down for breakfast
  • 8:05 – started blog post
  • etc

Hmm. I might try to test this out on Monday (I’m more interested about actual “work” days then weekends). I’ll let you know if I do.


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