Well, I’ve made it to Friday. And I’ve made it to all the meetings, talks, workshops I signed up for. On one hand, it’s felt like a very productive week. On the other hand, I have done zero writing sessions and haven’t had a chance to touch my experiment since Monday. So, even though I feel good about what I’ve done, part of me is annoyed and guilty about the rest (ugh). But, I’m going to try and put those aside for today.

I thankfully only have one scheduled event today (a talk about giving your final defense). I’m not sure what to expect from the talk (I’ve already done a defense for my Master), but I’m hoping that there might be some fun stories and good advice on dealing with nerves (because I know those will come up again). At the very least, it requires me to leave my place and see people today. Which also means I get a forced “break” from the rest of my to-dos (and actually makes one easier, since there’s a post office on campus).

Besides the talk, I’ve got three tasks that I have to get done today (since I have people waiting for the results). I’m hoping I can cross at least two of them off my list this morning (one is bigger, and will likely take the afternoon and possibly the evening). While it feels like a lot of work, it also feels kind of nice to know exactly what I need to accomplish, because I’ll actually know when I’m done, versus most days where I spend it always thinking “I should’ve done more: more research, more writing, more something.”

Okay, time to go get started.


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