Two months left

Where is the summer going? How is it possible that I have only two months left? And that tomorrow is already Canada Day?!?

I am not ready for July. I’m not really ready for June and yet it’s essentially over! I have too much to do and not enough time and having accomplished pretty much zip over the last two weeks as not helped at all. I have good (okay, not really good, but reasonable?) excuses for that – I spent the second week with family visiting and the first one having to get my apartment into a state that was acceptable for family visiting (which required going through almost everything so all the ‘new’ stuff I got could be put somewhere).

Personally, I find not being productive when I feel like I have a huge pile of things to do really stressful. And so this past week, the lack or progress combined with family visiting (isn’t family always stressful?) has been brutal. And finally checking some items off of my todo list desperately needs to happen for my sanity.

My goal for today is to start by accomplishing the one task that is absolutely vital – as it needs to be done before a meeting in the evening. After that’s done, I want to spend some time thinking about how I can keep myself motivated and on task for the rest of the summer. I’m debating a beeminder and pomodoro pairing again at the moment. But I think I also need to make exercise a priority – so I need to figure out a solution that doesn’t sacrifice one over the other (work vs exercise).

I’m also expecting to get a conference paper rejection notice any day now (I actually expected it last week) so that’s going to be another task – figuring out a new place to submit and then re-working the paper based on the new submission criteria and taking into account the feedback we did receive. Just what I need – more work. 😛 Oh well, better to be busy than bored, right?


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