Why are assigned tasks always harder?

When I was writing before, as in before I was officially told to start writing, it actually wasn’t that hard. On days where I didn’t have a ton to do or felt like it, I’d open up the document and poke around in various ares. Sometimes I’d work on writing out results and other times I’d add more notes about related work. But I was generally always able to make progress.

Now that I’m suppose to write, I’m finding it really hard to even open the document. Instead, I’ve been working away on anything but the writing – which is obviously making writing a chapter every 10 days or so very difficult. This isn’t particularly surprising (I’m sure some of you have had the same issues) but it’s still annoying.

I think I might have to break out the pomodoros and possibly beeminder again for this. And assign something like a minimum of 2 pomodoros a day, during the week. That would only be about 5 hours of writing a week, but considering right now I’m averaging about 0, 5 would be a huge improvement. And maybe (hopefully?) once I start, the words will start flowing and I’ll be able to write for more than two pomodoros and progress will come quickly. Okay, the last thing probably won’t happen, but since I’m not (yet) on a crunch deadline to get everything written, I figure I should try to relax a bit more as I write. As I’m sure feeling pressured is not going to help.

This week is not going to be great for getting work done. My parents and my sister (plus her family) is coming out to visit. So I’m going to end up spending most of the later half of the week (and weekend) with them, and not having much (any?) time to do work. So I’m hoping to front load this week. Of course, I also have to do a huge list of cleaning tasks so my apartment is ready for their visit. At least I know I’ll eat well while they’re here…


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