Still a roller coaster

I thought after having the meeting with my supervisory committee, that things would settle down. Not in terms of not having work to do (I knew I’d walk out with some plan of what needed to be done). But I thought the “roller coaster of grad school” would start to even out, and no more big surprises.

I probably shouldn’t be surprised that this isn’t the case. And my life feels as up, down, and upside down as always.

On Wednesday, I told my supervisor the results of my feasibility study. I had my fingers crossed (although, didn’t really think it was likely) that that would be that for the experiment. And no, it wasn’t. I was sent away with a new task – based on what we can do, how can we re-work the experiment to fit the new parameters? And, do some research, since one of our main methods is out and see if we can include a second one instead (with hopefully some research backing).

I meet with him today to discuss what I found. And I’m hoping to also get him to look over/help me develop a rough outline for my thesis – so I can officially start writing with some guidance.

On top of this, we finished doing our initial batch of user testing this week for the startup. So now it’s time to plan out frantically what is essential to implement if we want to launch this fall. And then see how feasible (time wise) this is. I am thinking that I probably do want/need to take at least some time off this summer if we’re going to have any chance of doing this.

And then, I have family coming out for a visit for a week at the end of the month. A visit I’m suppose to be super happy about, but I just don’t feel like the timing is all that great. Although, right now, I’m not sure when the timing would be good.

So, for now, I just keep telling myself – things will come together.


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