Packing up memories

I spent the weekend at my parent’s house. Or, more accurately, the house my parents will soon no longer own.

I moved a lot growing up. Up til now (including moving for undergrad and grad school), I’ve lived in 7 different cities. And I haven’t lived anywhere for more than 7 consecutive years! As of this August, here, where I am now, will be the longest I have lived anywhere (which is an incredibly weird feeling).

However, my parents have lived at their current location for 18 years! Which is by far the longest they’ve lived anywhere since they met back in the early 70s. However, they are now downsizing and moving out to their (first) retirement home. And I say first, because there’s a really good chance that they will decide they want more land or need a different layout. However, for the time being, they have a house to move into (my grandma’s old house) and it’s in the general area of where they want to live (Vancouver Island).

So, I went down to the house to help pack some stuff up. But, more, to get the rest of my stuff and bring it back. Plus a few more mementos that they don’t want to take out/furniture that they don’t have room for now. It made for a very sad weekend. It’s weird to know they won’t be living there anymore in a few weeks. While I haven’t lived there long, the fact that my parents have, has meant that I’ve had the same “base” to go back to for a long time.

But, time moves forward. And they have talked about moving for about 10 years, so it’s about time they finally did.

I carted back with me 8 boxes of books. All the books of my childhood that are mine (a lot of the books of my childhood – especially picture books belong to me and my sisters, so no one can lay claim). And now, I have an apartment full of boxes and decisions that need to be made. Do I put them all out? Even my Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys collections? Do I leave some in boxes? Do I need to buy another bookshelf? And if so, where am I going to put it?! Can I get away with just a few more shelves for the existing one? Or maybe packing the books two deep…

I’m looking forward to having them all unpacked. I’ve missed having bookshelves stuffed with books – it’s never made sense too move them all with me, when my parents had space for them. That’s just no longer the case. And I’m also happy to have a few of the mementos spread about, that when I look at, give me that warm feeling of home. So, while the weekend was sad, I think looking forward everything looks a bit happier.


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