I finally see the light

Sorry for the late post today, but I was so wiped out yesterday after my big meetings on Wednesday and really did pretty much nothing.

I did want to give you guys an update on how things went. And overall, they went well. They could’ve been slightly better, but they also could’ve been way worse, so I’m not going to complain. And for the first time, I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and feel like I might actually make it there! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

In order to graduate at my university, besides hitting that elusive bar, you need to:

  • give three seminars (an hour in length)
  • pass your candidacy exam (at last 6 months before your final defense)
  • take the required number of classes (you use to have to cover the breadth requirements too)
  • write up your big dissertation
  • pass your final oral defense

At this point, I’ve now given two of my three seminars (the last one is always tied to your final defense), passed my candidacy, and finished all the classes. So all that’s left, is writing my dissertation, giving my final seminar and passing my oral defense.

Okay, that’s all that’s technically left, but I have a couple more things to do based on the meeting. First, they want to me to try submitting some of my results again, but this time to a journal. Thankfully we have these written up from previous attempts (but for conferences), so first we’ll need to change the format to match the journal, and then probably add some more detail, since we’ll have more space. And second, they decided there’s one area that I could have a little more “proof” in, and so I should attempt one final (small) study/implementation task. For that one, I’m currently investigating if the idea we came up with in the meeting is even feasible – if not, we’ll have to sort out something else.

But, even while I’m doing those two extra tasks, it was decided that I should start writing (or more accurately, continue, although they don’t know that). So next week, I’ll meet with my supervisor again, and we’ll discuss all of this in more detail. In the meantime, I’ve done a bit of poking around into the feasibility issue (might be a problem) and I’m taking some deep breaths. Maybe this will all work out after all.


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