I love deadlines

I’m probably kind of weird about this, but I love to have deadlines. I find them motivating. I find that they help me organize what I should be working on, based on what’s due next or requires the most work. And I love the feeling of success when you meet one.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t manage to always meet deadlines. There’s always the ones you make (or are given) that either don’t provide enough time, or the task ends up being way more complicated and so the original time estimate ends up way off, or you just don’t manage to get your act together enough to get it done.

This week I’ve been “working” on my presentation. And, while I actually have managed to do a bit, I’m no where near close to where I should be. Making a first draft (always the hardest part) shouldn’t take days. It should take at most a single day, and then a some time spent practicing and revising until it’s good enough (I’ve long abandoned trying to reach perfect). I only managed the few slides I’ve done so far because I had a meeting with my supervisor and didn’t want to have to admit I’d done nothing.

Anyway, the meeting ended up being great for one main reason – we decided on a date. Okay, we actually decided on a bunch of dates (sometime next week or the following). But, knowing now that the presentation could be as early as Monday has provided some of the oomph needed to get moving on it. And then add in the fact that this time my supervisor wants to go over the slides before hand, and the deadline becomes even earlier.

But, this is what I needed. And I’m now motivated and ready to sit down and just make them.


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