Penguins Hate Stuff

I recently came across the best book ever. Okay, it’s probably not the best book ever. But it’s a pretty great one. And it will almost undoubtedly make your day better if you have it around.

The book is called Penguins Hate Stuff and is essentially a collection of pictures of stuff that penguins hate. As well as some stuff they like and some more stuff they really hate.

One of my favorite is the bad haircuts:

Penguins hate bad haircuts.

Ah, macaroni penguins-

Anyway, since we all know how stressful grad school is, it can be nice to have books like this on hand for those days when life just gets to you and you need a pick me up. And I haven’t been able to look at this book since I bought it without laughing.

Do you have any books like this you keep around?



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