Too much time for work?

It feels kind of weird, but I don’t actually have a ton of work to do this week. Well, let me clarify – I don’t have a ton of research work to do this week. I’ve got plenty of start-up stuff to work on.

But, last week I submitted my paper followed by going to the conference. And now, I’m in a bit of a lull, where the only research work I have is to put together a presentation. I’m going to finally try and get my second required presentation out of the way (I need three to graduate).

Now, the sooner this presentation happens the better, because the goal is to follow it with a meeting of my committee so we can discuss my progress. And, more importantly, chart out a path so I can finish. What I’m really hoping for, is that the meeting will be where everyone decides that, yes, I do have enough work done, and I should write it all up. What I’m afraid will happen, is that the meeting will conclude that I need to do another study. But, while the second option would really suck, having a better idea of where I sit and what still needs to be done is incredibly appealing.

Of course, not having a lot of work to do never seems to coincide with things taking less time. I know it should only take me a couple of days to put this presentation together (max), but that I’ll actually be lucky to have one by the end of the week. The combination of work expanding to fill time, and the crazy amount of start-up stuff I need to do (and meetings I need to take) that will cut into my actual work on this.

But, my supervisor also knows how much research work I have to do – which is good, because it means I can’t take too long, since he’ll be expecting progress. And hopefully we can find a time for this presentation next week. Fingers crossed.


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