Sore throat and Cepacol

So, since I had to head to my conference yesterday, I now have a sore throat. Which is crappy. The last conference I was at, I was also sick. I’m not liking this trend – because it means I don’t have the energy to hang out with people, and that’s where the main benefits of going to a conference come in.

Anyway, I stopped by a drug store to get something for my throat and ended up with Cepacol. I dont’t remember the last time I bought something like this, but man, do these ones make your mouth feel weird. But, I’m not sure how well they actually work. Sure, they made my mouth feel kind of numb, but that didn’t really translate to my throat. And it really didn’t last very long – pretty much went away as soon as the lozenge was used up.

I did make it out to dinner last night. And I did hang out with people. I just didn’t continue on to the pub. I decided that since the one beer I had at dinner was making me feel a bit loopy (and this was before I had the lozenge) I was better off getting some sleep. Today I have to be prepared to talk for the evening at the poster session.

So, while I want to get some work done, I decided to just read for a bit and aim for an early night (and by early, I mean in conference terms). Also, randomly, my dad’s actually away on business in the same city as my conference, so I’ll likely get to meet up with him for lunch. 🙂


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