Conference Week

I’m off to a conference for most of this week, which means I may be just as spotty publishing this week as last. And potentially there just may not be posts (but I’ll try).

I’ve got mixed feelings about going to this conference. I’ve gone to this one for a few years now, and it’s always a really good time. And I get to meet up with a bunch of friends that I pretty much only see at this conference. But, it’s also very tiring. And busy.

I’m “lucky” this year, and won’t be doing a presentation. I have that in quotes, because if I was doing a presentation, it’d mean I had managed to have results earlier this year. However, I do have a poster, so I’ will be showing some stuff. And I’ll get some initial feedback from people. Of course, the timing is just slightly off – the deadline for the conference I’m submitting too is today, and I won’t get the feedback until later this week.

However, the hotel I’m going to be staying at doesn’t have internet in the rooms (well, it does – but you have to be willing to pay). And being down by everyone else at the conference makes it a lot harder to do any work. As normal, I’ve got a ton of stuff to do on the startup site, and stuff I want to do. It looks like the conference stuff ends around 4 most nights, so maybe I can spend some time in the evenings on it – but likely most of it’ll have to wait until I’m back.

Oh well, before I know it, this week will be over too.


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