Giant Cheques

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but my start-up recently incorporated (eek) which means we’re a real company now (double eek). In fact, it’s been a crazy busy time for the start-up. Not only did we incorporate, but we were in a pretty big business plan competition that finished up this week and we got to walk away with a big cheque! Seriously – it was one of those big (fake – the real one should come soonish) cardboard cheques that people hold up in photographs.

On top of that, we also received a bunch of press. We’ve been written up in the local newspaper, on the university website and by the group that ran the competition. The awards dinner (where we got the cheque) also had a lot of people in attendance, and so we have also made a bunch of new contacts from there.

The start-up itself has been moving forward really quickly now (which I’m finding great, even if it involves more work). We have actually started real user tests with real users. And have had over 200 of them so far! The feedback has been great – we’ve received suggestions for new/improved features.

Of course, now we actually really need to polish the website up and be ready for a full launch later this year. Because, while we’ve got some money right now, if we’re going to continue this, we need to show that we can turn these original users/testers into actual paying customers.


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