Incoherent paper

I’ve never been so glad my supervisor hasn’t had time to look at some of my work before.

On Friday, after working on the paper solidly all morning and into the afternoon, i was able to send off the first draft. However, because I worked on it so intensely, desperately trying to get the draft finished, I was pretty brain dead by the end. And I didn’t have the energy to do a solid read through before I send it.

I was a little nervous about the quality of the paper (how can you not be when you know you haven’t done enough editing?). But I wanted to make my self-imposed deadline, and so I sent off the draft anyway. I was also sending it so that my supervisor would realize that I really had been working on the paper and that it wasn’t all “talk.”

Anyway, I got an email back not long after saying that he wouldn’t have time until Monday. And my reaction was, “that’s okay, I’ll look it over on Sunday and send an improved version.” Of course, life doesn’t like being friendly, and on Sunday I ended up swamped with other things to do (that weren’t research related, but that I had already committed to). And so when I got home late Sunday night, I had barely enough energy to fix the fatal flaw I had committed to our start-up website (you could no longer login). As you can see from this late posting, I didn’t even have time or energy yesterday to get this written.

So this morning, as I sat down and prepared to start working, I decided to send my supervisor a heads up email. A “hey, if you haven’t started editing, just wait a few hours and I’ll supply a better version” email. Thankfully, everything was working in my favor this morning, and my supervisor wasn’t back in his office yet and wasn’t going to get to it until tomorrow now. At that point, I started editing.

And some of the errors (spelling, grammar, completely mangled and nonsense sentences) that I came across made me so glad he hasn’t looked yet. Because, while it was a draft, it was a pretty normal (ie. terrible) first draft. And I’m sure he would’ve started reading it and immediately thought “wtf?” before sending it back for editing.

But, I’ve polished it up (a lot) and sent off the new version. And will spend the rest of the day relieved that most of my dignity is still intact. Oh, and also amazed that (besides the quality level) the actual layout of the paper flowed pretty well and was generally coherent. Yay.


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