Sometimes supervisors surprise you

I had an interesting meeting with my supervisor this week. I was pretty nervous going in, since my plan was to ask for time off this summer so I can work on my start-up, and I had absolutely no idea what his reaction would be.

Anyway, this awkward conversation starter, ended up being exactly what the conversation starter I needed. And we ended up discussing my progress. And how close I potentially am from finish. He still thinks there’s hope that I can finish by the end of 2014, but isn’t quite sure how close I really am.

But, it lead into a discussion about meeting with the rest of my committee to have this exact discussion. And then we looked at the work I have to do right now (finish poster and write paper) that is immediately¬† followed by a conference. We then decided that after my conference, I’ll put together my next seminar talk (I have to give three total, and have only done one so far). Following that, we’ll have this meeting and hopefully plan out the rest of my degree (which is a very scary and exciting thought).

On top of all this, he’s agreed to let me have time off this summer. I’m not getting all the time I asked for, but I’m getting most of it, and am not going to complain at all. Especially since, when I asked for the original amount and he indicated that was probably two long, I suggested taking only half of it. And it was his choice to actually offer me an amount between 3/4 of my original request. Of course, this is all my vacation time for the year, so I better be ready to work afterwards.

But, at the end of the discussion I actually felt a bit lighter. Like a load I didn’t know I was carrying has been lifted off. Hopefully this means less stressful and more productive times are ahead.


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