I don’t want to be sick

I swear my body was out to get me this week. I had a ton of stuff to do. Stuff that needs to be done asap, and yet, very early Wednesday morning, my body decided that it was a good time to get the flu. 😦

Which then meant I spent all day Wednesday in bed, followed by pretty much all day Thursday. And today, I’m storing all my energy to make it through an important event this afternoon that I refuse to miss (but I am also thankfully feeling a lot better today).

Of course, I had meetings all day Wednesday that I missed, including a get together in the evening. And on Thursday I missed more meetings and events. And most of this is stuff I actually wanted to go to this week. Why can’t this happen on those weeks when I’m dreading all my meetings?

However, I have learned (again) that I really don’t keep my apartment properly stocked in case I get sick. I was lucky – and had chicken noodle soup and Gatorade powder (does it ever expire?) and so made do. But, my next grocery shopping trip is going to include stuff like ginger ale and the premium plus crackers.

I also desperately need to get a ton of work done this weekend, since this week fell apart. But I’m still so tired. I think I’ll nap this morning to be prepared for this afternoon. Work can wait, right?


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