Excerise feels great

Well, I accomplished my goal for the weekend – which was to get out and do something.

I started with climbing, and went with a couple of friends. I definitely feel out of shape while climbing. I can’t keep it up as long, and there are moves I would’ve been able to do just fine 6 months ago, that I now struggle with. But, I know it’ll come back, I just need to start going regularly again. I’m going to aim by starting to go once a week. And see how that goes. Maybe I can get up to twice a week over the summer.

Then, on Sunday, I went for a run. I was debating about going to the gym, but I was tired in the morning and ended up sitting around and working on stuff. But, it was fairly nice out later, and I needed to run something over to a friend who lives really close. And, if I was going to go outside, why not attempt a run? I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought/hoped I’d be able to make it 3km. Which is really not that far; about 2 miles if you’re American. I decided to run until I either made it home, or couldn’t run anymore (at which point I’d walk). In the end, I managed to pull off 5km (barely) but I did. And it was definitely not near my fastest time, but it wasn’t my slowest either. So I’m happy overall.

Of course, I think my body is a little shocked by all this activity. But that’s okay. It’s got to “wake up” sometime. And I’m really happy that I got out and did something. I hope this is a turn in the right direction.


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