Workshop 2

Well, today is my second workshop of the week. And I’m actually kind of looking forward to this one. I know it’s actually going to require work (versus the one on Monday where I just had to sit and listen). But, that’s partially why I’m more more excited about this one.

By requiring me to do something, I’ll have to stay at least a bit more engaged. And I’ll be more likely to walk away with having learned something. Also, this one is about my start-up, which makes it a bit more interesting on that alone.

Also, we get to meet the teams we’re competing against in an upcoming competition. And while we know a bit about them, we don’t know all that much. So it’ll be good to learn some more about them. Who are they? What are they working on? What do we need to do to stand out?

One of the good things about the start-up stuff (and also a bit of a bad thing) is that the people we end up interacting come from such different worlds. Lots of people with business knowledge. Or various science and arts backgrounds. It’s a much more mixed group than most of the conferences/events I ever attend. And that can be a great thing – because the environment is so different. It can also be a frustrating thing, because there’s so much lingo that we don’t know, and so it’s a lot like trying to swim upstream.

The lack of business knowledge has got us a few times. We’re having a hard time sorting out the CEO business (the problem with starting with a group of people on the same level, with similar knowledge). And our presentation style has been much more heavily influenced by our years in academia than those in undergrad. And those in business, have been specifically taught how to sell while presenting. I’m find this skill harder to pick up than expected. It’s requiring me to really change my whole way of thinking. Which is not easy.

So, while I’m looking forward to today right now, I’m sure if you ask me by the end of the day, I’ll be done and ready for a break. But, then again, when am I not ready for a break now?


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