Workshops and meetings

How quickly time can disappear from the work week, when you have to go to some workshops. This week, really sucks. All day today, I’ll be at workshop number one. Tomorrow afternoon/evening, I have to drive to a different city, so I can attend another one day workshop on Wednesday. Which of course, has to be followed by a drive back (either Wednesday evening or Thursday morning).

On top of that, I have a meeting Tuesday afternoon that I’m not prepared for (and I don’t get today to work on it). And the meeting that I was going to miss (since it’s generally on Wednesday and I’ll be out of town) is likely going to be rescheduled to Thursday afternoon. By the time Friday comes around this week, I know I’m going to be feeling ready for a weekend.

But, of course, on top of all that, I have research work I need to get done for Tuesday. And I have a lot of start-up things that really should’ve been done like three weeks ago, but we’re running behind (which seems to be a common problem now). And one of my co-founders is now out of town for the next three months (yikes). And we have another big pitch competition coming up.

Life never gets easier, does it? Or less busy.

Last week, I went to a concert and spent most of it sitting there thinking about what I needed to do to analyze some of the results and be prepared for a meeting the next day. How sad is that? I really wish I had a week of vacation coming up, but I’d spend the entire time feeling guilty about not working. So it’s not really the “right” time for a vacation. Maybe in May or June. At some point, I really do need to take some time off.

For now, I’ll just have to hope I can survive my upcoming week of meetings and workshops. And sneak in some work at the same time. Fingers crossed.


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