Student Group Elections

It’s that time of the year here, when all the student groups (or at least the ones I have a modicum of interaction with) have their elections. Which generally means people trying to coerce others to run. And desperately trying to find a minimum of one person per position, so that the student group doesn’t fall apart.

It was a bit different for the most recent one I attended, as it was the first time in the 7 years I’ve been here (but 6 or so I’ve attended) where there was actual legitimate competition for the positions. Normally, it’s about four names, with any competition being that some of those names are down for multiple positions. And so, what ends up happening, is that everyone votes pretty much the only way that is possible such that all positions will end up filled. And the occasional joke and spoiled ballot. This time, not only did we have more candidates than positions, but we also had a reasonable number of grad students turn out (no where near what we’d like, but better than the desperate attempt to find enough to meet quorum).

Anyway, it was semi-interesting to participate in, although I had a lot of problems with the meeting as a whole. But that’s me being judgmental, and I’m trying (although not really succeeding) to pull back on that). I did get to count the votes (yay me) and that was kind of fun.

I’m not sure what I think of this years executive. But, in the past, first impressions have always seemed to have very little to do with how well they end up performing. Some that I think will do a reasonable job, don’t and vice versa. So I’ll just do my normal, hang back and see. (And judge from the background.)

And, I’m really happy with the fact that people actually turned out and wanted to participate in this group. I’m hoping the next election I have to go to, works out, and manages to incorporate a bit of real competition into as well.


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